All of you or None of You

Victoria Harris
1 min readAug 3, 2020
Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

At times I saw you and felt home,

I stayed away.

At times I saw you and I felt confusion,

As much as I wanted you, I looked inside me and I knew I couldn’t put myself through the sieve of your reckoning.

Or put you through mine.

I knew we were incomplete together.

I feel your soul, I feel my soul,

I know sometimes our beat is in sync

I feel your hunger, I know my cravings

I cherish and crave the unprocessed, blistered, healed and unheard pieces of you

Otherwise we are just sealed lips and nerve currents minimized to our midriff

Like Night into Sunrise and … Sunset into Dusk

I crave us totally in love immersing our glory into one

Nature silencing as the darkness settles upon us

Toes clenched in the sand under a galaxy

Tiding back and forth in a whirlpool of tenderness

Gusting onto shore, Lying there in the grains

Vulnerable, Secure, and Knowingly choosing it again regardless of dry spells, because I know the future doesn’t hold doubt

But I stay away

I know you don’t hold what I crave yet

Baby we are all or nothing at all.